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AITP National Collegiate Conference

The Foundation has supported the
AITP National Collegiate Conference during every year the conference has been held, since 1996.



The Foundation's mission is the professional development of individuals in the Information Technology industry.



The Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that was established in 1975 to meet the changing educational requirements of the information profession and industry, and to address the long term educational efforts essential to support the industry and members of various IT-related professional organizations.

The Foundation for IT Education, as an independent body representing practitioners, educators and researchers, seeks to provide leadership in identifying educational opportunities that will advance the information systems profession.



The Foundation's objectives are:

  • To provide educational programs and services for information technology professionals, educators, the computer industry, business, government, or the general public.
  • To determine the needs and desires of information technology professionals with regard to professional education and development.
  • To develop and implement educational courses and information technology programs that will meet the needs and desires of information technology professionals.
  • To encourage the information technology profession in the development and adoption of technical and managerial information technology standards and preferred practices.
  • To develop and implement educational programs for information technology personnel self-evaluation.
  • To develop and implement educational programs for the evaluation of hardware, software and managerial systems.
  • To assist educational institutions in the development of effective business information technology curricula.



The Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Regents. The Foundation makes extensive use of volunteer committees chosen to support particular projects, programs, and initiatives.



The Foundation's programs are wide ranging and have a broad impact on the information systems industry:

The Foundation sponsors the highly successful Information Systems Education Conference (ISECON) for the professional educator, as well as the corporate professional. ISECON is a premier educational event, annually bringing together educators, professional trainers and textbook publishers in concert with the Conference on Information Systems Applied Research (CONISAR). The Education Special Interest Group (EDSIG) of the Association of Information Technology Professionals provides important management support for this distinguished event.

The Foundation sponsors a grants and awards program for colleges and universities as well as individuals and organizations, to provide funds for projects that further educate in the areas of information processing.



Grants are welcome from all organizations to expand these programs. Gifts and grants to the Foundation are exempt from federal income tax, under section 501 (c) 3, Internal Revenue Code.

This exemption also applies to contributions made by AITP chapters, regions, officers, individual members or non-members. Chapter and individual contributions are often placed in the Foundation's endowment fund to insure continuity of the Foundation and to provide maximum leverage for the contribution. Your help is solicited so that the Foundation's much needed and long overdue efforts in information management education can be continued and expanded.

Send your contribution to the Foundation for Information Technology Education at the address listed below or click here to find out more about making a donation to the Foundation.

Foundation for IT Education
500 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 600
Chicago, IL 60611